User Review FAQ

In case you lost your password, click the link [Forgotten your password?].
The purpose of user reviews is to help users make better decisions by sharing personal experiences about local services and supports. Accurate and sincere opinions about services and supports are appreciated.
You will be asked to enter your email and password on clicking on Rate Us in the selected service or business. For first-time reviewers, please register by entering  your name, username, email address, and password by clicking on Register. We highly recommend that you keep your password in a safe place.
To rate a resource by the number of stars, click one or multiple stars.  The more stars you click on the higher the rating you are giving to the resource.
A review is made based on your overall rating and comments. For the specific instructions, please refer to Guidelines.
Reviews should be unbiased and objective. Please do not write reviews of your own businesses or services. Business and service providers may ask customers and clients to write candid reviews.
Most reviews are available immediately.  We review the comments weekly. If there is a question about a review or a comment we may hold it and contact the reviewer and the resource owner.
Our user support team checks the content of reviews. The team removes the ones that violate our Guidelines.
 To add a new organization please use the survey form. The MyHealthFinder team will periodically send out emails with surveys for key contact persons to review and check their information.  If you have new information you would like included immediately, please contact Deb Kellstedt at info@MyHealthfinder.org or by calling 979 845 1620.

MyHealthFinder Map FAQ

Most browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari will work.
If the map does not appear try clearing your computer’s browser cache.  In most browsers, you can clear the cache from History area in the Settings or Options menu.  For more information you may want to visit this page: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/browsers/f/clear-cache.htm
You can move around the map by using the mouse to click and drag the map around. You can also use the arrow keys on the upper left-hand side of the map to scroll the map.
You can change how much of the map you see by clicking the plus and minus buttons.  You can also move the slider bar up and down.  Also, if your mouse has a scroll wheel you can use it to zoom in and out of the map.
Using the Category list allows you to identify and select categories and sub-categories that interest you. Initially, all the categories are selected. Clicking the Select All button twice will clear all the categories and none will be selected.  You can also select categories by clicking Select Category on the upper right of the screen.  As you hover over the icons the category name will appear.
This allows you to search for resources by entering an address or a zip code.  You can also enter any distance in the Buffer Distance box and the map will show resources within the specified distance.  You can include all categories or just selected categories based on the Category list to find the resources in a specific ZIP code or buffer distance.
To search for a resource enter a search term in the Keyword box.  You can limit the search results by entering an address or ZIP code and a buffer distance.
Once you have found a location you are interested in, just click on the map icon to get more information.  If you click the Directions button you can enter your address or ZIP Code to find out the shortest route to the resource.
If you need assistance with anything not covered by the FAQ click the Help link(button) to send us a message.