Below are MyHealthFinder’s icons and categories to help you identify the different types of resources that are available through MyHealthFinder.  You can also refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you use MyHealthFinder more efficiently.

If you are aware of additional community resources that you would like to see added to MyHealthFinder, please click here. All new resource suggestions are checked, geocoded and posted on the map by the MyHealthFinder team. It may take up to 10 working days for new resources to post on the map.

Community Services
Community ServicesIn this category you will find resources for child care, home and shelter services, transportation, youth services, local state and government services.

Food and Nutrition
Food and NutritionSearch this category for nutritional counseling, community gardens, food banks, information on food stamps, and programs like Meals on Wheels.

Counselling Support
Counseling SupportThis category has information on counseling, support groups, smoking cessation and substance abuse.

Spiritual/Faith BasedThis category includes information on churches, synagogues, temples, and faith-based groups.

Personal Services
Personal ServicesBeauty and home health services, acupuncture, massage therapy, and complementary and alternative therapies.
Financial, Legal, or InsuranceFinancial, Legal and InsuranceFind legal, insurance, utility payment assistance, prescription assistance and more.
Physical ActivityPhysical ActivityFind resources for all types of indoor and outdoor sports and physical activity.
Health & WellnessHealth and WellnessFind information on chronic disease self management to support conditions such as diabetes, asthma or heart conditions. This category also include information on fall prevention classes and other evidence-based health management classes and services.
EducationEducationLook for information on youth camps, parenting and early childhood education, libraries, adult education and language and literacy services.
Medical SupportMedical ServicesFind hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental, rehabilitation, pharmacies, hospice and other types of medical and healthcare services.
Cancer CareCancer CareSearch this category for links to American College of Surgeons accredited cancer clinics and breast cancer centers, National Cancer Institute hospitals, survivorship care clinics and cancer advocacy groups.
Diabetes CareDiabetes CareSearch this category for diabetes care clinics, national and regional diabetes and kidney disease advocacy groups, local resources for diabetes medication and education and locations of dialysis centers.
“AgingAging and Disability ServicesFind locations and contact information for local, regional and national services for older adults and seniors, and disabled persons, including services for Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
“TransportationTransportation ServicesFind locations and contact information for local, regional and national transportation services including air and car medical appointment assistance, regional governmental services such as trains and busses and rural transport as well as regional and national transportation services.
“OpioidOpioid and Substance Use ResourcesFind resources to aid and support opioid and other substance treatment and recovery, including private, nonprofit and clinical support services.